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Grieving During Quarantine – 10 ways to cope at home

Losing someone you love is never easy, but losing someone during the COVID-19 pandemic is especially challenging while not being able to receive in-person support. These last three months have been challenging to the max, hint why the lack of blog posts. In today’s blog, I’m sharing my experience on grieving during quarantine. Losing a […]

7 Steps to Start Your Day With a Positive Mindset

Welcome back to another post! The self-isolation life continues and what a better time than now to talk about maintaining a positive mindset. In general it can be challenging staying positive, but during times like these where we’re dealing with a global pandemic it can be ten times harder to keep a positive mindset. We […]

6 Things to do During COVID-19

How to stay productive during Covid-19 This is my third week in quarantine where I have been working from home and basically staying home everyday. The only times I’ve gone out is to do groceries and yes, it has been tough. In this post I’ll be sharing with you 6 things to do during covid-19. […]

What to Watch During Quarantine – Netflix Edition

65 shows to binge watch during COVID-19 Welcome back to another blog! I really hope everyone is doing well and staying home during this pandemic. Since my last post it looks like the situation has gotten a bit more critical and the stay at home order has been extended until April 30th.  Some people just […]

5 tips on how to stay productive while working from home

Working from home has quickly become the new way of working all throughout the United States. Our entire lives are shifting; we are dealing with something we have never seen and adjusting to this pandemic, the coronavirus. Newscast are being produced from people’s living rooms, we are having virtual conferences through zoom, teachers are teaching […]

Feeling anxious or stressed during the coronavirus, you’re not alone

What a week! What a year and it’s only March! We all thought 2020 was going to be an amazing year, living our best lives but God had other plans for us. Are you feeling anxious or stressed during the coronavirus? You’re not alone and I’m sharing some tips that can help you on this […]


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