Becoming the Best Version of You in 2020

Becoming the Best Version of You in 2020

Hello 2020! New Year, New Me? How many times have we’ve heard that or said it ourselves, but somehow always end at the same place. Starting a new year can be refreshing and a chance at a new beginning, but the question is how? Do you envision your life different or you being different? Well I certainly have.

Every year I usually write down my new years resolutions and at the beginning of the year I start the right way, but somehow along the way I lose myself and forget where I was heading. Does that ever happen to you? I hope I’m not the only one. However, I want 2020 to be different. Not only is it the start of a new year but, a new decade and I want to do things right and hold myself accountable.

This is the first year that I do something different – I didn’t write down my resolutions, why? Well because I usually never follow through with them and I just felt I had to change things up this year. Instead I really thought about the things I truly wanted to do, what really set my heart on fire and where I wanted to be within the next year or two. That gave me clarity and plenty of it. I started to make notes of the things I wanted to improve in my life and how to better myself. Once I had my thoughts organized and my mind clear I was now able to focus and start taking action.

“Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you.”

Before moving forward I knew I had to do one thing, which was buy myself a nice planner. We live in the technology era, but something about writing with a pen and paper still makes me happy. I knew I had to plan my life out and plan how and what I was going to do to accomplish my goals. A planner also helps to keep you accountable, you can write down thoughts, ideas and check them off if they were done or not. Being able to see the things I got done and the things I failed to do motivates me to try harder and also to stay accountable. If you have not tried using a planner you should definitively try it!

We’re about two weeks into 2020 so what have you done different? Have you followed through with your new years resolutions? 

One goal I had been having for a long time and I knew I had to make it happen this year was this blog. For so long I wanted a blog, which I’ve had a couple of in the past but this time I wanted to actually focus on it and be consistent, so here I am. There are a lot of things I want to do this year, but mainly I want to focus on me and take care of me. We get so caught up on our daily routines, worry about others and things that we often forget about ourselves. Just like I’m taking some time to focus one me I encourage you to do the same. Planning out my days is helping me feel productive and like I have my life together. I have also found journaling helpful, writing down my thoughts, ideas, and manifesting makes me relax and just unwind.

I’ve created a list of the things I’m trying to work on/focus in 2020 and I encourage you to do the same. Let’s focus on the things that truly matter to us, but also remember that if you want to see change you have to be the change and that starts with taking baby steps towards your goals/ideas.

In 2020 I will:

  • Overcome fear
  • Not dwell on my mistakes
  • Embrace change, let go of things and people that need to go
  • Be patient, let time do its job
  • Develop habits that make me better
  • Be kinder
  • Be healthier
  • Exercise
  • Heal
  • Stop doubting myself
  • Try to be happier
  • Focus on my goals
  • More self-care
  • Explore more
  • Hustle

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