How to Create the Perfect DIY Frida Kahlo Costume

Frida Kahlo Costume

Hola! Welcome back to another blog post hope you’re enjoying the spooky season! If you read my last post on Halloween things to do then you’re aware that I love Halloween therefore, I had to find a costume for this year. This year’s Halloween costume was so random I was not looking or trying to find a costume when baaam, I decided to create a Frida Kahlo costume! Each year I usually try to make my costumes or at least try to and just buy the minimal necessities. I was inspired by a photo I came across and I happened to have most of the items I needed and I knew this would be an easy DIY Frida Kahlo Costume.

Frida Kahlo Inspired

Frida is a badass Mujer and I’ve always admired her boldness, independence, courage, and of course her creativity. It had never crossed my mind before do dress up as her until this year. It just happened I was doing some research and she came up and I knew I just had to create a Frida Kahlo costume.

I’ve been dressing up for Halloween for years now and costumes are not cheap sometimes I try to reuse them, but then that gets kind of boring. To save some money I always try to DIY my costumes plus I think it’s more creative and fun. Sometimes all you have to do is look in your closet or your mom’s and see what you can use. And of course, you will have to buy certain things here and there but best believe you will save more than buying a new costume.

For this DIY Frida Kahlo costume, I spent about $6 to $8, wow talk about an affordable and last-minute costume!

Here is what you’ll need for this Frida Kahlo costume:

  1. Flowers
  2. 1 Headband
  3. Shawl
  4. Bold long earrings
  5. White Shirt
  6. Black Skirt
  7. Watch
  8. Hot glue gun
  9. Glue Sticks
  10. **Bold necklace optional
  11. Eyebrow pencil
  • The pink flowers I bought them at the 99 cents store and they were about $2 each.
  • The head bad was about $1
  • I already had the hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • The pink earrings I got at Forever 21 which were on sale for $3.
  • The shawl and white shirt I borrowed from my mother’s closet. I went through her closet to see if she had anything I could use and found these items which I knew would come in handy for the Frida Kahlo costume.
  • The black skirt and watch I already had in my closet

How to make a flower headband:

You can probably find a nice full headband on Etsy for about $15 or even more expensive, but you can do it yourself for about $3!

First, remove the top of the flowers from the stems until you only have the pistil – the top part of the flower. Once those are removed you should figure out how you want your headband to look, for example, I wanted all the small flowers in front and the big ones in the back. After, figuring out your layout you can warm up your glue gun and start gluing the flowers onto the headband.

Creating this headband shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes, it’s really easy and quick! Now that you have your headband done you’re ready and all you need to do now is put your Frida Kahlo costume on!

Now that your headband is done it’s time to dress up and get your Frida vibe on. Make sure to leave the headband to the end so it doesn’t get ruined.

Makeup and Hair

Your hair and makeup are optional and you can do whatever you feel more comfortable with. However, for this precise Frida Kahlo costume, I decided to do light makeup and braids.

  • I decided to do a light glittery pink color on my eyelids
  • I filled my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and brought them into the center to get as close to a unibrow.
  • I parted my hair, did two braids, and then tied them up into buns.
Tada! Easy and quick DIY Frida Kahlo Costume

Dressing up and finding a costume should be fun and creative not stressful or break your bank account. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you decide to dress up as Frida make sure to comment here or tag me on Instagram. I would love to see your photos.

“Pies para que los quiero si tengo alas para volar”

– Frida Kahlo

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