Santa Barbara: Places you Must Visit

Santa Barbara

In 2014 I packed my bags as quickly as I could and for the first time ever I was ready to move out from my parents house, all on my own. I had just received a job offer and without a beat I took it, in beautiful Santa Barbara. In early 2014 I made the move from Downtown Los Angeles to Santa Barbara just about 90 miles out in the Central Coast.

I lived in Santa Barbara for a little over two years and I must say it they have been one of my best years ever. Santa Barbara is far enough from Los Angeles, the big city yet close enough to drive down on the weekends. If you have never been to Santa Barbara what are you waiting for, it’s a must see.

The first time I ever visited SB I fell in love with the buildings, the architecture. The buildings are white, arched openings, red tiles the style it’s very Spaniard. It’s the perfect little town so close to the beach, peaceful, quiet away from the chaotic city of Los Angeles.

After I moved back to Los Angeles I visited Santa Barbara at least once a year, however I stopped visiting and I missed it so much. Luckily I was finally able to make my way up recently and I have to say it was so peaceful and refreshing.

Santa Barbara is the perfect location if you ever just want a mini getaway from Los Angeles. The drive is about one hour and a half so you can drive up there for the day or there are plenty of nice hotels in the area to make it an entire weekend getaway. This recent visit I made it was just a day thing I drove up there and came back that night. Since I only had a couple of hours out there I made sure I made the best of them and enjoyed every single minute out there. I made sure to stop by and visited some of my favorite places.

If you’re ever in Santa Barbara or planning a trip there I’m sharing with you some of my favorite places and a must see while in town.

Santa Barbara

“There is no time to be board in a world as beautiful as this”

Where to stop by:

1. Shoreline Park  

The most peaceful park you’ll ever been to. You’re in a park and right next to you is the beach, you can hear the waves and have access to a first class view. All you have to do is take some stairs down and you can touch the sand and be right in the beach. This last visit I made I witness a proposal taking place right on this beach it was beautiful.

2. Stearns Wharf Pier

Santa Barbara’s pier and this area for the most part is always busy with families enjoying the day and tourist visiting. From this location you can get the most amazing sunsets, but also a nice breeze. The parking lot is kind of small and can be hard finding a spot, but be patient cars go in and out plus the first 90 minutes are free. There are so many things to do in the pier like enjoy delicious foods as there are various restaurants, enjoy ice cream, there are plenty of little shops to look around and you can enjoy some wine tasting while you’re at it. While you’re at the pier you might want to stop by the aquarium, which is also located in this area.

3. Los Agaves

When I lived in Santa Barbara one of the hardest things was finding real authentic Mexican food. I have to say Los Agaves is the way to go when it comes to delicious Mexican food. Their chips and salsa are just perfect and my all time favorite dish is the wet burrito, red sauce! This burrito is huge two people can probably share it, but it is so delicious. You won’t regret it!

4. Freebirds

This is another Mexican restaurant that I highly recommend. They have the best nachos ever and the most delicious quesadillas. This little restaurant is a bit farther out from downtown Santa Barbara and closer to UCSB, around the area you will find all the college students grabbing a bite. This location is small, pretty busy usually and although it does have parking it gets full quickly. They used to have a strawberry lemonade, which I loved so much, and I had been craving it for so long. I was so excited to try it once again this time I visited, but they didn’t have it anymore I was so sad and disappointed, but the nachos and quesadilla were still on point.

5. State Street

This is downtown Santa Barbara where you will find all the fun in town. State Street runs long and you can find all the retail stores here along with some amazing restaurants, bars and lounges. State Street is another of my favorite places to visit it’s very therapeutic just walking down enjoying the view and all the people surrounding you. There are various bars to hope around from, enjoy delicious foods and can also find the best ice cream, McConnell’s.

6. Santa Barbara Mission

This mission is a historical landmark in the city of Santa Barbara. It was the 10th of the 21 Spanish colonial missions founded in California. Walking around the mission you will feel like you have traveled back in time with the architecture. While visiting the mission not only will you be able to soak in some history, but also explore the church, the museum filled with arts and the various gardens.

7. Santa Barbara Court House

The architecture is amazing. Looking at this place you wouldn’t even think it was a court house.  The structure and colors are a perfect combination this location is more than just a court house it’s a historical location. It was built in 1926 therefore, it has been around for so long it holds so much history within.

8. Santa Barbara Zoo

This zoo is the perfect size, not too big or small and they have all the animals you can imagine. Walking around the zoo sight seeing will for sure give you a nice workout and you will end up tiered. My favorite thing about the Santa Barbara Zoo is that if you purchase a separate ticket you are able to feed a giraffe up close. This is the perfect location to take the little kids on a fun day out or enjoy the day visiting our furry friends.

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