Summer Activities During COVID – practicing social distancing

summer activities during covid

Hey! Welcome back to another blog post, can you believe we’re already at the end of August, like what, how? This year started so slow and seemed never-ending and out of nowhere, we are halfway done with 2020. That’s crazy! I think this summer has been different for everyone as COVID-19 is still here. Keep wearing your mask and practicing social distancing! This summer has sure been different for me and, well I’ve tried to make the best of it. Although school is back in session if you’re still trying to enjoy the rest of the summer in this post I’m sharing some fun summer activities during COVID while practicing social distancing.

Summer without a vacation?

Summer is well known for vacations and traveling, and I’m sure this year a lot of us haven’t done much of that. I don’t know about you, but oh man am I in need of a nice and long vacation. I want to just pack my bags and go away for a week just to escape from everything and everyone.

However, as much as I want to book a trip I’m well aware of COVID, and I don’t want to take my chances. I rather play it safe and wait to buy a plane ticket, but a road trip would be nice. I’m keeping my options open and seeing where I can get away to, and if you’re in the same boat let me know in the comments where you’re planning on going or have been this summer.

The only place I’ve gotten away to this year is Santa Barbara, but that was pre-COVID and hopefully, soon enough I can share another road trip post.

Although this summer has been a bit off one thing that hasn’t change is the HEAT! If you’re located in SoCal then you know what I’m talking about. These last few weeks we’ve had a heatwave, and well nothing screams summer like those hot days in the 90s and 100s.

Cool for the Summer

It’s been ridiculously hot to the point where I didn’t even feel like stepping out of the house, thank God for air conditioning! Trying to practice social distancing during the summertime can be challenging when all you want to do is go hang out with your friends, go to the beach or you’re just trying to have a good time – hard to do alone.

This time around I had to get a little creative and well step out of my comfort zone to enjoy some summer activities during COVID. We’re so used to our routine or doing the same things over and over that, we don’t think of new activities or ways to have fun. This summer I’ve enjoyed my time with my family and myself — something so simple that I never want to take for granted.

Here are a few summer activities during COVID that you can enjoy while practicing social distancing:

Walk on the beach: This summer I’ve gone to the beach more times than any other year because it’s so refreshing, calming, and therapeutic. Yes, beaches can get busy during the summer, but if you go in the morning or late afternoon you will find that there are fewer people. If you do go to the beach make sure you sit six-feet away and take a mask. Beach trips are always fun and I especially enjoy sunsets, my favorite. A walk on the beach can be very relaxing, helps you unwind while putting in some steps.

summer activities during covid

Bike ride:  You can take a bike ride anywhere, to the park, around the neighborhood, and even the beach.  I know it’s annoying, but while riding your bike wear your mask and you can easily maintain your distance from others around you.

Take your reading to the next level: Enjoy a nice book outside the house, meaning go on a beach or park trip and take your book. There is something so relaxing about reading a book to the sound of the waves or laying in the grass. If you happen to have a backyard or pool use your resources and get creative. Lay a blanket out by your pool or the grass and enjoy some YOU time plus your book, or a coloring book which can also be relaxing.

Go on a hike: I love nature and being surrounded by trees and greenery. Hiking is such a workout, but also a fun time exploring around. If you live in LA, you know we’re so lucky to be surrounded by various hiking trails that overlook amazing views. Yes, it can be too hot to be out hiking, but try going early before it warms up or since it gets dark late go on an afternoon hike.

Picnic: This has to be one of my favorites and a new thing I tried, having a picnic.  I have a whole set-up with the basket and all so I decided to put it to use. Planning a picnic doesn’t have to be all fancy it can be very simple, just grab a blanket, snacks, a book, a coloring book, or just good company. You can have a picnic anywhere — in your backyard, park, beach and you don’t need much. I had a picnic in my backyard, which turned out great and it was relaxing. Before summer ends I hope to enjoy a picnic at the beach.

Enjoy the simple things in life

We’re still living uncertain times and many of us are dealing with a lot, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the rest of the summer. All of these summer activities during COVID are safe, maintain social distance, and can be practiced with kids too.

One thing this situation has taught me is that we don’t need much to be happy. For me as long as my family and I are healthy and I get to spend time with the people I love — I’m good. Enjoy the little things and make today and every single day count.

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  1. I have loved reading in the garden and walking around locally. Picnics have been a great way to see my friends while social distancing too!!! Great post and photography is gorgeous! Xxx

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