Things To Do in Lake Tahoe: 5 Fun Activities in South Shore

things to do in lake tahoe

Hey, welcome back to another blog post! In the last post I mentioned, I was ready for a getaway and well I did just that. Very last minute without giving it so much thought, I packed a bag and drove away to South Lake Tahoe. Now I’m sharing with you the great time I had and things to do in Lake Tahoe if you’re planning on visiting soon.

I had never been to Lake Tahoe, but I had been wanting to go for the longest, and I finally got the chance to visit and I was not disappointed. I went on this getaway for three days and I wish it had been longer. I think you need four or five days to enjoy the beauty that Lake Tahoe is. This place is magical because you get the best of both worlds, nature, and the lake. I don’t know about you, but I love nature and water! Lake Tahoe offers both of those during summertime – you have the tall green pine trees and the clear blue waters.

A lot of people travel to Lake Tahoe during the winter for skiing and fun in the snow, but Lake Tahoe is a great place during summertime. If you’re in the Los Angeles area then expect a drive of about seven hours so make sure to pack some snacks.

Traveling during COVID-19

At first, I was a bit skeptical about this road trip due to COVID-19 since I haven’t gone out of town or stayed at a hotel. However, it was decided that we would make the trip, but we also prepared ourselves by packing the essentials such as pillows, towels, taking plenty of hand sanitizer, Lysol, disinfecting wipes, and of course face masks. Once we got to the hotel the first thing we did was walk in there clean and disinfect everything. We cleaned the bathroom, shower, closet, drawers, sink, beds, phone, tv remote, lamps, and any furniture insight. Due to the pandemic rooms were not being cleaned during your stay and towels or any other supplies were only available upon request.

Where to stay in Lake Tahoe?

If you’ve never been to Lake Tahoe, I would suggest doing some research before booking a room or Air BnB because there are different areas to explore. There are locations more isolated in the middle of the woods, camping grounds, or if you want to be in the center of everything. As it was my first time in Lake Tahoe I did some research and I decided to stay in South Lake Tahoe in the downtown area as everything was close by from hiking to the lake and restaurants.

The hotel we stayed in was located in the perfect area walking distance from the lake, restaurants, and even a hiking trail. South Lake Tahoe is the perfect area to stay as it’s located in the center of many attractions and you’ll have plenty of things to do in Lake Tahoe. We arrived in South Lake Tahoe on Saturday afternoon and stayed there until Monday morning. Although we did plenty of exploring and activities, I wish we would have stayed another day to explore more.

5 Fun things to do in Lake Tahoe

  1. Kayaking: I had never in my life been kayaking, but it was in my to-do list so I had to give it a try. This was one of the first activities we did and it was unplanned. We drove to El Dorado Beach and our plan was just to go walk around and watch the sunset. However, once there we noticed there was kayaking available and it was a good price, $30 for two people for an hour – so we booked.

Being the first time kayaking it sure was an experience! It was my mom and me on the kayak and I have to say the waves were pretty rough and somehow we ended near a pile of rocks. The waves being high our kayak ended on top of the rocks and we weren’t able to move from there so out of nowhere our kayak flipped and we both ate $%#!

We hit the rocks and yes we both ended up with bruises. After that fall my mom called it quits and didn’t want to join me anymore. So I got back on the kayak and went about it roaming my way through the lake. It was an amazing experience feeling the fresh air and splashes of water in my face, yet a workout — my arms and abs were sore the next day!

2. Boat Ride: If you’ve never been on a boat ride, what are you waiting for? It’s an amazing experience! Lake Tahoe is so beautiful and I got a great view of the mountains, clear water during our boat ride. I was so amazed at how clean and clear the water looked and that breeze was amazing. Being on that boat with that view, clear water, and fresh air made me forget about all my troubles. This boat ride was such a great way to forget the noise and live in the moment – I highly recommend it.

3. Jet Skiing: This has to be my favorite water activity, I love jet skiing. There is no better feeling than riding through the waves feeling that fresh air and seeing how endless the ocean is. Luckily being in South Lake Tahoe there weren’t many boats out or other people jet skiing so the lake was all to ourselves.

Stop, breathe and enjoy the moment

4. Chill at the Lake: Our hotel was five minutes away from the lake so we just walked there. The water in South Lake Tahoe is breathe taking, so clean and clear I was amazed! We hanged out at Lakeside Marina took our umbrella, towels, and enjoy the day. I went inside the water because what’s the point of going to the lake if you’re not getting inside right? And well that water was so cold! Even though outside it was about 90 degrees.

5. Hike: South Lake Tahoe is surrounded by nature left and right whether you’re looking into the lake, mountains, or the tall green trees. Our hotel happened to be about a five-minute drive from Van Sickle State Park which is beautiful and I encourage you to check it out. During our stay in Lake Tahoe, we stopped here every day for a morning walk and just to breathe some fresh air. We realized that there was a hiking trail that took you to a waterfall. On Monday morning we woke up early ready to conquer this hike and find the waterfall. The hike overall was about 3 miles back and forth so not bad at all however, the trail is going in circles up so it can be a bit challenging.

We started the hike about 7 am and reached the waterfall around 7:45 am. We hung out in the waterfall for a bit and you end up so high up that you’re able to see some amazing views. If you’re planning on visiting this park and hike I recommend heading out early as I saw more people in the trail when we were coming down about 9 am.

Overall, my trip to South Lake Tahoe was amazing and I fell in love with the town and I can’t wait to go back and explore North Lake Tahoe. There are plenty of activities to do such as boat riding, jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and parasailing among other things which can be pricy.

However, you don’t need to spend much to enjoy your stay as there is plenty of nature, beaches, and other things to do in Lake Tahoe such as bike riding, walking around town, hiking, chill at the beach, or go swimming. If you visit Lake Tahoe make sure to wear a mask and if you’re traveling anywhere else remember that we are still in a pandemic so take your precautions.

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